Colando Hutchinson moves on from VM to Sterling Asset Management Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Investment banker Colando Hutchinson has joined investment firm Sterling Asset Management as an executive consultant.

Hutchinson will work alongside Sterling Asset Management’s leadership team to launch an investment banking business line to help companies optimise their financing solutions and achieve their strategic goals.

His long-standing career in the finance industry includes over a decade with Victoria Mutual Wealth Management Limited (VM Wealth). Moving up the ranks from asset management manager and head of capital markets to deputy CEO, where he established and grew the capital market and asset management businesses at VM Wealth and VMIL group’s expansion into several credit products.

His total 20 years of experience started at KPMG and Pan Caribbean Merchant Bank Limited, which spans accounting, finance, FX trading, treasury management, portfolio management, and investment banking.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Sterling Asset Management team, to help them create value for a new segment of the market. As more businesses look for innovative financing and exit options, it is important to stay agile and remain competitive,” said Hutchinson.

Sterling Asset Management President and CEO Charles Ross welcomed Hutchinson to the team.

“We are happy to have Colando join us at Sterling. For the past 20 years, we have focused on generating wealth for individual and institutional investors. Many of those investors have candidly shared problems they are facing in their business or corporate worlds. In that context, we are expanding our service offering to include solutions that can help businesses achieve the objectives of their owners and management.”

Sterling Asset Management recently celebrated its 20th year in operation. Founded in 2001, Sterling Asset Management is a full-service financial planner, fund manager, and securities dealer specialising in, but not limited to, US-dollar investments.