Content creator Yahneake Sterling Russell on why you need SPF now! Loop Jamaica

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It crossed the Loop Lifestyle radar that May 27 is celebrated globally as National Sunscreen Day, and the timing is perfect, since we’re smack dab in the middle of summer.

But this seems like the kind of holiday Carib folk should celebrate daily as the sun in the tropics hits differently.

Some people that have a particular interest in the beauty industry know that if you’re going outside, for whatever reason, SPF is a must!

So, they tend to invest in results-proven and often-times popular sunscreen. In most cases, those that are constantly in direct sunlight ensure they too, are protected with SPF products.

In walks Jamaican-born Sweden-resident Yahneake Sterling Russell. The 40-something user-generated content creator, who believes that beauty has no age.

Sterling swears by SPF products and varying kinds and from several brands. As a content creator and a consumer, her mission is to test and sample her way to the best, most effective products for her skin.

And, on this journey, she’s been able to toss, donate/gift, and re-up some well-known brands in the beauty space.

Born in Jamaica, Yahneake saw vibrant colours everywhere, and was immersed into an eclectic culture that has ‘irrevocably influenced my relationship with beauty’.

Her foray into beauty started with the swipe of her mother’s ‘magic’ lipstick – the only beauty product young Sterling had access to at the time.

‘My introduction to makeup came by way of my mother’s lipstick, as a 10-year-old rummaging through her purse. I watched as the blue lipstick magically turned red on my lips’.

Yahneake is interested, invested, and excited about beauty and skin, and shares her findings on Instagram and TikTok every so often.

From new brand deals to her best new products, her followers are hardly ever short of content, inspo, and advice.

During an interview with Sterling Russell recently, we asked her to recommend her top three favourite sunscreens, and without hesitation, she shared the following.

1 Sun Face Oil Control Gel-Cream SPF 50+. Why? ‘I have combination skin and it works to control the oils. It’s my favourite for summertime, and [presents] ‘no white cast’.

2 La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mineral Tinted Sunscreen For Face SPF 50. Why? ‘There’s no white cast. It feels very nourishing to the skin, and has zero perfumes.’

3 ⁠EVY SPF 50 Sunscreen Mousse. Why? ‘I love this for beach days. The mousse blends quickly. There’s zero white cast, and it’s water resistant.’