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Cops walk with Bayka backstage after he leaves the stage due to profane language (Video: Marlon Reid)

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Dancehall artiste Bayka had the plug pulled on his performance at Reggae Sumfest in the wee hours of Saturday morning and was escorted away by cops after law enforcers repeatedly told him to desist from using expletives on night one of the music festival.

Reggae Sumfest is being held at Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre in St James.

Recording artiste Bayka performs on night one of Reggae Sumfest before the plug was pulled on him for using expletives and disregarding warnings from the police. (Photo: Marlon Reid)

Emcee Pretty Boy Floyd was booed after pulling the plug on the act of the hardcore dancehall artiste after he failed to heed the warning from the police to discontinue using expletives.

After he was informed by the emcee that the police were asking him to discontinue the use of foul language during his performance, the deejay said “respect to all police officers”.

He, however, continued to spit foul language during his performance.

He was seen being escorted away by cops backstage the venue on Friday night.

Bayka, whose real name is Ronaldo Billings, is known for songs such as ‘Mobster’, ‘Top Tier’ and ‘1Uptown’.

Providing an update to the audience after the incident and on the heels of Valiant’s performance, Pretty Boy Floyd said the police were very lenient and would not put Bayka in the Montego Bay lock-up.

Valiant performed after Bayka left the stage.

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