Cops intercept and kill ‘gunman’ after murder at Central Village Loop Jamaica

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Traffic jam amid crime scene processing on Mandela Highway

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14 minutes ago

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Police intercepted and fatally shot a ‘gunman’ moments after he reportedly committed a murder along the main road in Central Village, St Catherine on Sunday afternoon.

There was a major traffic jam in the area as the police cordoned off the main road to process the scene.

According to reports, police intercepted gunmen who had just committed the murder in area .

The Corporate Communication Unit (CCU), the police’s information arm, confirmed the development, including the murder.

“Gunmen killed a man along the main road and police intercepted the men and killed one. The police are processing the scene right now,” a CCU representative said late on Sunday afternoon.

In a release, the CCU said:

“Members of the public are being advised to expect delays when travelling along Mandela Highway in St Catherine.

“This applies to traffic heading into Kingston, as well as traffic heading into Spanish Town.

“The delays are due to the processing of a crime scene as a result of an incident of murder and subsequent fatal shooting in the Central Village area.

“Where possible, motorists are asked to use alternative routes.

“Every effort is being made to have the situation normalised as soon as possible.”

It was noticeably the second incident with almost the same details on Mandela Highway in the Central Village area within just over a month.

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