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The police say a major car-stealing ring was dismantled on Sunday during a series of operations in Gordonwood district, Church Pen, St Catherine.

In a release Tuesday, the police said investigators in Old Harbour arrested two men and recovered 11 stolen motor vehicles during the operations.

They did not disclose the identities of the men in custody.

The seized vehicles includes six Nissan AD wagons, a Nissan Tida, a Mitsubishi Lancer, two Toyota Wish, and a Toyota Avensis.

The police also seized a substantial cache of car parts. They also believe these car parts were stolen.

Now, the police are urging residents who have reported their cars stolen to come forward and identify whether their vehicle matches the descriptions of any of those recovered.

In a bid to return these vehicles to their rightful owners, the Old Harbour police have set up a hotline. Anyone whose vehicle was stolen can contact them at 876-203-365.

According to the authorities, they are hopeful that the major bust will significantly curtail car theft activities in St Catherine and improve overall security.

This incident underscores the continuing efforts of the St Catherine South police to combat car theft and related crimes in the police area. They are asking the public to remain vigilant and continue to report any suspicious activities that may help prevent future incidents of this nature.

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