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DCP Fitz Bailey satisfied with pace of investigation

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Former MP Jolyan Silvera and his late wife Melissa. Melissa died on November 10.

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The police say they are satisfied with the pace at which the probe is ongoing into the murder of Melissa Silvera, the wife of former Member of Parliament Jolyan Silvera, who represented the People’s National Party.

While being tight-lipped when pressed by reporters for an update on the case at a press conference on Thursday, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in charge of crime and security, Fitz Bailey, said the investigation was “very sensitive” at this time.

“What I will say is that the investigation is ongoing, and I am satisfied with the pace at which the investigation is going,” he said. 

“It’s a very sensitive investigation, and I don’t wish to get involved in (divulging) too much details, but I am satisfied with the pace at which it is going,” Bailey stated.

He also shared that he received an update on the case on Wednesday, but he opted not to disclose any information regarding the update.

However, the deputy commissioner promised that “at the appropriate time”, the police would release information on the case.

It was previously reported that Melissa died in her sleep on November 10, but the police upgraded their probe after her post-mortem examination revealed she was shot at least three times.

Since then, Jolyan, the one-term MP for St Mary Western, has been interviewed by the police and has retained the services of a prominent attorney.

But, the attorney has repeatedly stated that his client is not a suspect in the murder.

The Silveras were to celebrate eight years of marriage this month.

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