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Student assaulted at St Catherine school

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The police are searching for a man who reportedly assaulted a female student on the grounds of a popular high school in the Portmore area of St Catherine.

The man was captured on video punching the schoolgirl to the ground.

Reports are that the man had accompanied a woman to the school to check on a case in which a child in their care was being bullied.

Police in St Catherine South say they are not aware of the exact date the incident occurred but have since launched an investigation into the matter after seeing the video circulating on social media.

Social media users have also reacted and expressed mixed views on the incident. Some argued that as an adult, the man should have acted in a more responsible manner.

“We are aware that cases of bullying on students can trigger concerns among parents, but the matter has to be addressed in a professional manner,” said one social media user.

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