Couple beefs up Portmore’s dining experience with Timber Lounge Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

When Sean-Paul Morgan and Kadian Thomas established a bar and grill three years ago in Portmore, St Catherine, the selling point they pitched to patrons was: “you don’t have to cross the toll for a good time”.

“Cross the toll”, is in reference to accessing the Portmore Toll the road connecting Kingston and St Andrew and Portmore.

The idea was to provide a space offering fun, entertainment and delectable meals to residents of Portmore, removing the need to travel into Kingston for such an option.

Conversely, residents of Kingston often make their way to Portmore for the Timber Lounge experience, according to Thomas.

Though not their first business venture, the couple admits that they are still learning the intricacies of the food service industry.

Nonetheless, they have successfully built a widely-known brand, which boasts over 23,000 followers on Instagram.

Morgan and Thomas also operate Creep in Closet, a retail store that offers children’s clothes and toys, a business they started in 2013.

Video edited by Ramon Lindsay.