Courts Ready Cash delivers 1,000-gallon tank to Boys Town Primary Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Courts Ready Cash concluded its financial year by completing its island-wide water tank initiative project, marking the 10th donation to Boys Town Primary & Infant School on Monday.

Marsha Smith, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education who stated her delight in the handover: “It is my pleasure to bring greeting on behalf of the Minister of Education, Fayval Williams and to share in this official 1000-gallon water tank handover to the Boys Town Primary School.  The NWC slogan is Water is Life and without water a school cannot operate for many reasons and so we welcome this donation from the Courts Ready Cash Team as a part of your island-wide water tank initiative.  This is a very commendable programme as a part of your corporate social outreach, and I am so happy to be here at the Famous Boys Town Primary & Infant School.”

Since its launch in July 2023, the water tank initiative has consistently enhanced the operational capabilities of schools across the island.

Smith welcomed the public and private partnership, noting: “This initiative will make our school more resilient and will ensure that school will be able to function when there are disruptions. I would like to thank again the Courts Ready Cash Team for targeting schools across the island that are facing issues with water supply as your own effort to fight against the changes brought about by climate change and to help with the support of the water resilience infrastructure in our schools…”

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for South St Andrew expressed: “I would like to thank Courts Ready Cash for including us as the tenth and final recipient of the water tank donation and we are very grateful for your generosity.  It will make a meaningful difference in the life of the school.  The issues of water supply and functioning with water are real challenges for many schools in the country and indeed with this consistency, and as we have seen Boys Town Primary has been struggling with the situation, this tank will make a meaningful difference to the operation of the school, and I would like to thank Courts Ready Cash again for making this happen.”

Principal of Boys Town Primary and Infant School, Sylvia Banks Claire lauded the effort of Courts Ready Cash.

“I would like to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to Courts Ready Cash for allowing us to be number 10… At Boys Town we deal with the mind, body and spirit and so, when you look at the biblical meaning of the number 10 it speaks to completeness, divine order and God’s prefect will, we couldn’t ask for anything different…we are at the right number, the right time, receiving the right gift, in the right place, from the right persons. Let me thank you again for choosing this school and I am happy that it is now.”

The donations formed part of the brand’s ethos of being a responsible corporate citizen, committed to improving the lives of customers and the communities that the company serves. Through the donation of water tanks, the brand strives to create opportunities for water harvesting and storage ensuring the availability of potable water in schools.

A total of 10 water tanks have been handed over by Courts Ready Cash, with prior donations to Clonmel Primary and Infant School and Bromley Primary in St. Mary, Windsor Castle Primary & Infant School in Portland, Brixton Hill Primary and Kellits High School both in Clarendon, Duckenfield Primary in St.  Thomas, Mount Ward Primary in Hanover and Gaynstead High School in Kingston and Waterford Primary in St Catherine.

Toni Ann Latty, Marketing and PR Officer representing Kerry Ann Ramdeen Johnson Brand Manager of  Courts Ready Cash remarked: “The brand recognizes the need for access to potable water in communities severely impacted by drought and water shortage conditions.  With the donation of 1,000-gallon polyethylene water tanks, to select Primary and Secondary schools, the brand is looking to improve water harvesting and storage opportunities. When there is no water available in schools, there are significant inconveniences for students, sometimes the schools are closed all together. We trust that through the donation of water tanks we will limit and eventually irradicate this inconvenience.”