Criminals break into Clarendon basic school; steals stove other items Loop Jamaica

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Attack has left scores of kids, teachers devastated

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56 minutes ago

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Criminals broke into a basic school in Clarendon and stole bags of cement, utensils, and a stove that is used to prepare meals for the children at the educational institution.

Uphell Purcell, councillor for York Town division said the incident has left educators of the Ebony Park Basic School devastated.

Reports are that the incident took place between Wednesday and Friday.

“This is more than shame and disgrace,” said Purcell on Saturday after hearing news about the attack.

He has since made a call for citizens in and around the parish to come together to help the authorities to locate and apprehend persons who are responsible for the act.

Purcell said the school administrators are already doing their best to make ends meet and such an act is expected to create a setback.

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