Criminals on the run after cops launch ‘Black Friday deal’ Loop Jamaica

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Law enforcers launch holiday exercise of different kind

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While several business owners have stepped up their operations to attract more shoppers for the holidays, the police high command, it appears has launched a campaign of its own to bring in customers but of a different kind.

Local authorities over the weekend rolled out a ‘Black Friday deal’ as part of their search for several members of the criminal underworld.

The initiative was aimed at encouraging more Jamaicans to share whatever information they have that could lead to the arrests of criminals who continue to wreak havoc across the island, police sources have explained.

The photos of four of those individuals were posted on the Twitter page of the Jamaica Constabulary Force under the Black Friday deal.

The move evoked much laughter among social media users, some of whom lauded the police for their use of creativity. The police, however, have warned that the initiative was a serious one.

“Don’t forget our Black Friday Deals. Report wanted men

@CSJAMAICA and earn between $250,000 to $1,000,000!  #AForce4Good#BlackFridayDeal#WantedWednesdays,” a message posted on the JCF Twitter page said.

Police say they continue to seek assistance from members of the public to bring in the men whose photos were released over the weekend.

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