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As a frontrunner in financial innovation, First Global Bank consistently raises the bar for the industry. On July 27, 2023, the bank added another feather to its cap with the launch of the CVVKey app, a state-of-the-art solution aimed at redefining the security landscape for online transactions.

For years, First Global Bank has been a harbinger of pioneering solutions in banking, and the CVVKey app is a monumental leap in its ongoing mission to prioritise both customer convenience and online security.

An exclusive interview with Jermaine Blisset, Head of ePayments at First Global Bank

Q: Can you tell us about the genesis of the CVVKey app?

Jermaine Blisset: The CVVKey app was born out of our commitment to innovation and our proactive approach to customer safety. It’s not just about addressing existing problems but about anticipating future challenges in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Q: How does CVVKey differ from traditional security measures?

Jermaine Blisset: CVVKey revolutionises online security by providing temporary CVV numbers for online transactions, replacing the static numbers on your card. This dynamic feature adds an extra layer of security that was previously missing in the market.

Q: What does this mean for First Global Bank customers?

Jermaine Blisset: For our customers, it means greater peace of mind. The app is incredibly easy to use; you simply download it and, when prompted, open the app to access a temporary CVV code for online purchases. This streamlined process enhances the customer experience while fortifying our already robust security protocols.

Q: Any final thoughts?

Jermaine Blisset: We are thrilled about this innovation because it encapsulates what First Global Bank stands for–being ahead of the curve, not just following it. We look forward to continually innovating to enrich our customer’s banking experiences.

The CVVKey app is now available for download. Scan the QR code below or click the following link to access:

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