DaBaby Says He Lost $100 Million From Being Canceled, Shade Megan Thee Stallion

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

DaBaby says that since his Rolling Loud controversy in July, he lost more than 100 million dollars.

The rapper’s career has been on a downward spiral since July 2021 after he made disparaging and insensitive comments about the LGBTQ community and people living with HIV/AIDS. Since then, he was dropped by several festivals, and not only has his bookings dried up, but there has been a lull in his career with him being unable to pull much of a crowd while he has also seen some of the lowest sales of his career. The rapper has insisted that he is being blackballed by streaming platforms.

The Rolling Loud appearance resulted in several major controversies, which DaBaby proudly insists are “three viral moments.” In particular, the rapper brought out collaborator Tory Lanez right after Megan Thee Stallion’s set, which was problematic in itself as Lanez was on bond and had strict conditions to abide by, which included keeping his distance from Megan as his felony assault case goes on.

The appearance led to Lanez’s bond being revoked for violating the terms of his release, and he was arrested and placed in jail before he was granted a second bond at a much higher amount.

Since then, DaBaby’s career has taken a nosedive, but the rapper insists that he can’t be canceled. While speaking with Ebro Darden on Tuesday, he explained that he had lost a lot of money over the last year.

“F**k no, I’m not into the conspiracy theory this and that until you see it cost a n***ga a 100 million dollars within a year’s span, then you see this real, this ain’t no conspiracy s**t, this s**t real,” DaBaby said.

Tory Lanez and Dababy

DaBaby, who recently released a song claiming that he slept with Megan Thee Stallion, was called out for bringing Tory Lanez out on stage, especially since he and Megan previously collaborated on music, but their relationship appeared to have soured. The rapper, however, said he didn’t care about fans thinking that he was antagonizing the Houston rapper by bringing Lanez on stage.

“Nah, I could care less, if I wanted, the song I just put out, the second a n****ga played he tough on the internet, I could have busted a n****a bubble…stand on your business without involving me, don’t make me say why you feel some type of way about this song coming out..me and bruh been did this song before whatever alleged altercation they had,” DaBaby said.

The “Sneaky Link Anthem” rapper says that he didn’t care about Megan’s situation as it had nothing to do with him.

“This n***ga paid me for the verse, paid me for the video, crazy, what am I gonna do? Because of an alleged situation he got going on that don’t got nothing to do with me, I’m not supposed to not give this man what he paid for? Not post this sh*t, it’s not that deep,” DaBaby insisted.

DaBaby also appeared to shade Megan Thee Stallion over their collaboration “Nasty” featuring Ashanti, where he hinted that the “WAP” rapper used him to get on Billboard charts.

“They already got what they needed me for, they came to me to get on Billboard, to get a position on Billboard, they already got that..you paid for that, you got that, that is what it is, no hard feelings.”

Despite his career appearing to slow down, the rapper also insisted in a part of the interview that he is still an “international rockstar.”

“I’m real n***ga rock star. Like I said out my mouth. These people looking at me, when I say these people I mean everybody, like the world, they look at me household name like superstar, like international superstar, I still am an international superstar.”

DaBaby also addressed the recent track “Boogeyman,” where he claimed he slept with Megan but did not say whether his claims were true or not.

“It is what it is. I said a long time ago, keep me out the business. It’s a song. It’s out right now. N***gas can take it how they want to take it.” He said adding that backlash won’t make him change the lyrics.

Elsewhere in the interview, the rapper also appeared to blame the mother of his child, fellow rapper DaniLeigh for not talking to her brother, who later fought with DaBaby and his security detail. The beatdown was caught on tape, but the rapper has not taken any responsibility for his role in the fight, which left Dani’s brother Brandon badly beaten.