Dalton Harris reveals he has a daughter Loop Jamaica

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The X Factor 2018 winner Dalton Harris had social media buzzing over the weekend when he shared a photo of himself in ripped jeans and a shirt exposing his midriff and rock hard abs.

Besides the obvious ‘eye candy’ photo, he also shared an update in the caption of the Instagram post, revealing that he is the father of a daughter and sharing that he is no longer with a record label.

“I am trying to focus on being a great father to my daughter, a supportive friend/brother/son and building a better relationship with myself,” he said.

The photos were tagged in the Canary Islands.

Harris, who came out as pansexual in October 2020, made it clear that he had not been dropped by his record label, which is unnamed in the post.

“I am no longer with a label but I will remain independent as long as I feel (it) is right. I will not release music to chase momentum or popularity. And no, I was not dropped, so please do not turn this into something it isn’t you beautiful YouTube blog folks. Good vibes to you as well,” he said.

When Harris won X Factor in 2018, he landed a Syco record deal worth hundreds of thousands of pounds sterling. Since 2011, it’s believed winners get an initial advance of ?150,000 for their first album.

Harris did well with songs like ‘The Power of Love’, ‘Girl Like You’, and ‘Cry’, which all peaked in the top 10 of iTunes charts. He has reportedly recorded more than 100 songs, but the pandemic caused the industry to shut down, and the label suffered a loss and shuttered its doors.

In 2021, Harris appeared on Broadway with the production ‘Closer Than Ever’, which was available worldwide, streaming via BroadwayHD.

These days, Harris seems to be focusing on his mental health.

“TBH, social media has been low on the list of things I care about as well – I do not check social media or wake up and go to the phone. If it isn’t work or family-related, I do not pick up or touch the phone, other than to watch astrophysics updates. But, I also value that social media is how I communicate with you all,” he said.

His fans reacted well to the news, especially his physical appearance.

One fan raved on Instagram: “That’s the definition of #ripped #selflove.”

Others were critical, with one observing: “Please dress properly, leave something to the imagination. Be mature if you want people in your business to take you seriously. Stop letting negative people pull you down…cut them loose…get yourself some therapy and love yourself first.”

The X Factor show last aired in 2018, when Dalton Harris was crowned the winner. The X Factor wasn’t Harris’ first talent show win, as at the age of 16, in 2012, he won Digicel Rising Stars, a tv talent show in Jamaica.

Harris attended Kingston College, where he passed six CSEC subjects.

He released three albums prior to his appearance on The X Factor. After his famous victory, the singer opened up about his sexuality and struggles with mental health.

The star has since shared his gratitude for his supportive fans, revealing that the term ‘pansexual’ had been searched a record number of times in his home country of Jamaica. He is now an advocate for LGBTQIA rights.