Dancehall artiste Lavaido says clean lyrics make him more marketable Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Young dancehall artiste Lavaido has focused on making sure that he is able to perform for adults and kids alike by recoding tracks that appeal to all ages. This was evident after the Cayman-based act returned home to Jamaica over the heroes weekend for a few performances.

“I make songs that speak to love, relationships, money and many other topics, but I record in a way that makes it easy to perform in front of crowds from age five to 50 (years).

“Dancehall music doesn’t need to be all raunchy topics to be popular, sometimes it is felt that our music has to be raw or it won’t be accepted, but I’m here to prove that notion wrong,” Lavaido recently shared

The artiste, who performed at Kabana Beach Bacchanal in Ocho Rios and Jamaica Family Fest in Kingston, also believes the problem with lyrical content is affecting the promoters’ interest in booking acts for events that appeal to all ages.

“I try to be way more creative lyrically so I don’t get nervous when I see young kids in front of me at a show. Promoters like this because it makes me way more marketable. I can perform at even gospel events without having to edit my songs,” Lavaido added

He is in promotion mode for his singles, ‘By My Side’ and ‘Love You Right’, and is also gearing up to release his new motivational track, ‘Money Affi Mek’, later this month. All the tracks were performed at both events that booked Lavaido last month.