Dancehall artiste ReniGAD takes on acting role in ‘Mr Joe’ video | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Dancehall artiste ReniGAD is showcasing his acting skills with his latest single, ‘Mr Joe’. The fun and light-hearted afro-centric track highlights the popular scenario of a man petitioning a woman to become that proverbial ‘Joe Gr….d’ or man on the side.

The single is co-produced by Zj West for his Yo West Productions and the Luigi Society label, and was released on the Trade Winds Riddim.

Mr Joe depicts a lighter side to ReniGAD’s ever-evolving personality. The contemporary and upbeat track is easy listening to, with the official video enhancing the track with comedic scenes.

For ReniGAD, acting in this role for the Mr Joe video was second nature, as he claimed to have played the role on numerous occasions in real life.

“Yea mon, mi play da role deh already where mi have mi name store in a phone as ‘Bestie’. This topic is and always has been relevant, as you always have some Mr Joe, and in some case a Ms Josephine among us,” ReniGAD explained with a smile.

He is also enjoying dabbling in other forms of entertainment and may take on additional acting roles in the future.

“Mr Joe is more like a movie than a music video; shout out to my co-star, Raven from ZIP FM. It gave me the opportunity to showcase my acting skills, which is an avenue I have being exploring most significantly with my role as ‘Speng’ in The Bartender series on YouTube.” ReniGAD added.