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Hot new dancehall rookie Najeeriii is at the centre of controversy following an incident during his performance on Saturday at Tuff Crowd Bikini Soca Cooler Fete, which took place at the Woodleigh Sporting Complex in May Pen, Clarendon.

The ‘Paddle Boat’ deejay was performing when a female jumped on to the stage and seemingly attempted to hug the artiste.

The lanky teenaged deejay reportedly pushed her. She fell to the ground, but got up quickly and walked away.

@goodgal_colette what yall think , couldn’t he have handles this better , seeing she is a fan, n me not even know him ??? #najeeriii#tuffcrowd.#fyp#BLESSEDBYTHEBEST#jamaicantiktok#goodgal#foryourpage? original sound – ??Goodgal Colette ??

Videos of the incident have made their way onto social media platforms TikTok and Instagram, and social media users, mostly females, have criticised the deejay for his reported treatment of the young woman.

One user commented: “Idk (I don’t know) why unu upset when is the man’s personal space she invade. Bet if is a man tried to hug a female artiste, and him get dirt, unu back her.”

Another user joined the conversation, “F*&%$&^ that, mi nuh find it funny.

“Not a good look Najeeriii, how you pushing a female like that,” another user chimed in.

One user backed the artiste: “She invade the man personal space uninvited, she get weh she get.”

Efforts to get a comment from Najeeriii’s team have been unsuccessful.

The deejay exploded onto the musical scene a few months ago, and although his songs do not receive mainstream airplay, he has racked up impressive views on YouTube with songs such as ‘GOON’, ‘Paddle Boat’ and ‘Panton’.

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