D’Angel Reflects On Past Domestic Abuse In Supporting Kizzy Don

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Dancehall artist D’Angel has much wisdom to impart to younger women as she shared her experience with domestic violence with upcoming artist Kizzy Don and revealed that she is planning to write a tell-all book.

The world’s #MeToo movement appears to continue, with many more women revealing either sexual assault or domestic violence from the men in their lives. The recent video showing Diddy assaulting Cassie Ventura has inspired many women to speak up for themselves despite the women facing criticism for waiting too long to speak.

However, D’Angel, who dated Bounty Killer and was married to Beenie Man, says she is ready to tell her story while advising Kizzy Don, who explained that she was being stalked and threatened by her ex-boyfriend. According to the “Joe Grind” artist, she was afraid for her life and planned to move from where she lived.

D’Angel also encouraged her while agreeing that it was best to be safe and relocate. The artist, however, got upset when a man appeared to post a skeptical message, prompting her to speak about her experiences.

Kizzy Don

“Mi single for several reasons because hear wha gwan nuh, if you touch me, you can’t come out of jail. You nah get no bail, you crazy? You ah go prison or rotten inna prison,” D’Angel began.

She continued, “Once a person starts talking crazy and behave obsessive and start talking to me certain type of way, a desso the beating a come afterwards. Mi nah say you can’t touch me enuh but ah what ago happen after, you affi rotten inna prison.”

Kizzy also asked D’Angel if she experienced domestic violence before, which she confirmed.

“[I] experienced physical abuse, classing pon top a classing, and I was so young, I never understood [it]. Mi a say mi nuh know about this! And I found the strength while there to choose me, move on and love me. Mi get mentally physically, that’s why mi book ago be so strong because mi never talk mi business all now. Man beat me up right through, right through, buss all mi eye, accuse me, tell lies that me and man deh, a bare situation he was hallucinating, it’s a lot and I haven’t shared my story through me a write my book,” the artist said.

She also shared that women, in general, were dealing with abusive men at various points in their lives.

“Most men are the same thing- once you are a woman beater, you will continue to be a woman beater forever. It doesn’t matter which level dem deh whether you are a public figure or a private figure. You have some men who are totally against abusing a woman. Listen, there are many things you can look for to know if a man is a beater man…how dem treat them, mother, how they treat dem kids, how they talk to you,” she added.

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