Deadly violence in old capital as gun attack captured on CCTV footage | Loop Jamaica

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As CCTV footage surfaced of the gun attack that sent people scampering in the busy Spanish Town market district in St Catherine on Tuesday afternoon, the police beefed up their presence in the old capital and imposed a 48-hour curfew in some communities to get a handle on the apparent spiralling deadly violence.

In the incident captured on CCTV footage, two people were killed. But, it was an overall bloody day in or near Spanish Town Tuesday, with a fire at the administrative building of the courthouse in the old capital adding to the tempo.

Hours after the gun attack in the market district and another shooting incident in Job Lane, Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson was on the ground with members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Earlier this month, four people were shot dead in Tawes Pen, and, prior to that incident, two others were killed on St John’s Road.

While the police have said investigations are ongoing, they have cited gang conflicts as being behind the spate of deadly violence in and around Spanish Town. As a result, Railway Lane, St John’s Road, Tawes Pen, and Job Lane are the areas that are now under curfew.

The police commissioner also provided an update on the fire at the court building, saying that the courthouse would be open for business on Wednesday.

The Court Administration Division (CAD) has since issued a press release on the fire that damaged a section of the court’s roof.

Kadiesh Fletcher, Director of Client Services, Communications and Information at the Court Administration Division, said the damage to the building was not significant.

“The fire was contained to the roof of the building. It did not affect the interior of the building. As a result, no files were damaged. Staff had left for the day, and we are grateful no one was injured,” Fletcher said.

The cause of the fire is not known. The Jamaica Fire Brigade is investigating the incident, the release said.

The CAD also said an assessment will be done in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice to effect repairs in the shortest possible time.