Dean Fraser and Friends open ‘Harder They Come’ anniversary soir?e | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

On Saturday, the first Jamaican-made film that was met with unmatched international success: The Harder They Come, was again the centre of much fanfare and excitement.

And what better place to celebrate than at The Henzell-owned 10A West King’s House Road Itopia Life cultural space where the idea for the film was birthed.

Musicians strung the stage with popular hits and songs in the thread of the record-breaking film, all this in celebration of The Harder They Come.

In addition to a culture-positive art exhibit that featured several new works by up-and-coming and seasoned artists, there was naturally an entertainment component.

There was more. Stock-motion animation of Harder They Come and an artist’s showcase in visual and performing arts celebrating the album of the same title, launched 50 years ago.

LoopLifestyle goes beyond the sound system. Stay tuned for a video play-by-play of the top performances.

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