Derrimon distributes over 200 care packages in two southern parishes

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

In response to the widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Beryl, Derrimon Trading Company Limited (DTL) mobilised its resources and rallied its team to provide essential relief to some of the hardest-hit areas on the south coast of Jamaica.

The hurricane has left a trail of destruction across the island, with communities in St Elizabeth and Clarendon bearing the brunt of the impact. Many residents in these areas are still without electricity and water, and their homes and livelihoods have been severely impacted.

Over the weekend, Derrimon’s team, led by Group Chief Financial Officer, Ian Kelly, and Group Brand Manager, Georgia Strachan, delivered over 200 care packages containing essential items to residents in St Elizabeth and Clarendon. The care packages included Refresh bottled water, canned foods, products from their Delect Foods brand, paper products from the Gentle line and feminine hygiene products from Woman’s Touch.

Ian Kelly, Group Chief Financial Officer at Derrimon, warmly embraces south coast resident affected by Hurricane Beryl during the company’s relief efforts.

“There was a pressing need to provide immediate assistance to our fellow Jamaicans who have been severely impacted by Hurricane Beryl,” said Ian Kelly, Group CFO of Derrimon Trading Company Limited. “We are always willing to assist our Jamaican people, especially in the face of such disasters. Being on the ground and witnessing the resilience and spirit of those affected was truly humbling. It reinforced our commitment to continue supporting them in whatever way we can. We are grateful for our Derrimon family and team members that came out to support these efforts.”

L-R: Derrimon’s Andrew Bent, Vice President of Sales, Leroy Dawkins, Business Development Manager, Ian Kelly, Group Chief Financial Officer, Georgia Strachan, Group Brand Manager, and Petra-Gaye Morris, Promotions Supervisor.

Derrimon has also collaborated with various local churches and organizations, including the Adventist Disaster Relief Agency (ADRA), Good Samaritan Foundation, The West Indies Union of Seventh Day Adventist, and the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh Day Adventist, to ensure effective distribution of additional care packages. The relief efforts focused on the most affected communities, including Alligator Pond, Ballards Valley, Top Hill, Tryall, Yardley Chase, Southfield, Seaview, Mannings Boys Home and Treasure Beach.

“We saw firsthand the strength and determination of those affected, and it was a reminder of the importance of community and collective action in times of crisis,” added Kelly. “We encourage other individuals and companies to join us in giving back and extending a helping hand wherever possible. Together, we can make a significant difference and bring hope to those in need during these challenging times.”