DHQ Carlene Shares Why She Didn’t Marry Beenie Man

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Carlene Smith, Crystal Davis, and Beenie Man (from left)

Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith says she did not want to get married to Beenie Man because she did not like his music, which promoted him as a “gyallis,” and felt that certain things shouldn’t be tolerated in a marriage.

In a new interview on The Fix podcast, Carlene said she and Beenie Man could have been married because they shared a deep love for each other. However, she wanted to avoid dealing with the content of his lyrics and the consequent reactions of his female fans.

Many dancehall marriages appear to be going strong despite the husbands’ free range to express their creativity and make music that pushes the boundaries of society’s moral fabric. However, Carlene explained that despite her and Beenie Man’s serious relationship, she was unprepared to accept certain things as a wife.

Beenie Man, DHQ Carlene & Daughter Crystal

“When I was telling you why I didn’t think we should have been married, you know, not because I didn’t love him, you know, because his career did not suit for me, having my man singing bout having “gal in a bungle” as a husband. As a partner, any partner, I take marriage to a sacred level where mi nah go do certain things and you can’t do certain things,” she said.

She also shared that during her relationship, Beenie Man appeared insecure about her being a sexy dancer. Carlene was a famous dancer in the 1990s and was the first dancehall queen. Her alluring looks, body, and dance moves made her a sex icon in the Jamaican entertainment industry, causing many to gravitate toward her. However, she said this caused conflicts in her relationship, and she made changes to ensure that Beenie Man felt respected.

“I was as respectful as I could be in a relationship. I chose this relationship, so I’m going to value it. I’m going to do what’s going to make both of us have sex before we go to our bed versus ah war over something…although you met me like this, you stated you were insecure of it and for a peaceful life I chose you, I chose you. So, I would always choose to be the fun woman,” she said.

Carlene also disclosed that people would ask Beenie Man why he was with her, but the Doctor would respond that she was “nice” as a person and it had nothing to do with sex.

Carlene and Beenie Man share a daughter, Crystal Davis.

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