Diaspora conference organisers pleased with registration numbers Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

As the 10th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference draws closer, the organisers have reiterated their readiness and enthusiasm about the number of registered delegates.

The conference, slated for June 16 to 19, is to take place at the Montego Bay Convention Centre under the theme, ‘United for Jamaica’s Transformation: Fostering Peace, Productivity and Youth Empowerment’.

Weeks ago, the conference was embroiled in controversy with reports of a possible parallel event being staged by a supposedly breakaway group.

 The event is to bring together members of the diaspora, stakeholders from various sectors, and local Jamaican leaders, to explore synergistic strategies that address key challenges and harness opportunities for transformative change.

“We are excited about the numbers coming in. Jamaicans are coming from all over. There are persons coming from the Middle East and Asia. They are coming from Africa, and they are coming from the traditional areas, the United Kingdom, North America… (including) Canada. They are (also) coming from the Caribbean,” said State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Alando Terrelonge. 

He was giving an update on the conference at a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank on Thursday at the agency’s head office in St Andrew.

“It is really going to be a great conference; Jamaicans from across the globe coming together to play their part in advancing the welfare of all Jamaicans. It is a true spirit of unity,” said Terrelonge, adding that some persons have indicated that they will be coming for one or two days or specifically for the official opening ceremony on Tuesday, June 18. 

In his remarks, Chair of the Biennial Diaspora Conference, President and Chief Executive Officer of VM Group, Courtney Campbell, expressed pleasure with the registration numbers he has seen so far.

“We believe that based on the numbers we saw this morning (that) we will have record attendance. There has been a significant uptick in recent weeks because we have been pursuing extensive promotional activities,” he said.

Campbell added that the extension of the early bird registration and the introduction of a 24-hour flash sale have been effective in increasing the number of registered participants.

“At the end of the day, Jamaicans like to be last-minute, and I think that is what we are seeing. It meant they had booked their flights and booked their hotel accommodation, but did not register,” he stated.