Disabled Foundation wants ban on non-disabled buses Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Foundation For The Disabled Inc is calling on Transport Minister Daryl Vaz to immediately ban the importation of passenger buses that are not equipped to accommodate wheelchair users.

The foundation’s Chief Project Manager, Cleon Porter said the ban should remain in place until the entire island is adequately served by disabled-friendly buses.

He said the ban must include buses being imported by state agencies and private entities.

Porter in a release said: “It is disheartening to hear our leaders frequently discuss the 2030 Vision, yet the disabled community continues to be overlooked. Currently, only two parishes in Jamaica have disabled-friendly buses, and even there, the availability is severely lacking, with fewer than ten such buses in service. This situation raises several critical questions: what about the other 12 parishes? Are they not part of Jamaica? Why is there such discrimination?”

Porter said the neglect is a blatant disregard for the Disability Act, which protects persons with disabilities from discrimination.

“We are urging you, Mr Vaz, to demonstrate the same decisiveness and urgency you recently displayed in banning ride apps like Uber and InDrive.

“We ask you to show that you care for the disabled community by using your power and authority to mandate that only disabled-friendly buses be imported and utilized in Jamaica.”