Disciplinary action taken against cops in viral video of TikTok trend Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) High Command has addressed a recent “incident” involving a viral video featuring some of its members engaging in a TikTok trend while in uniform.

The High Command noted with concern that the actions depicted in the video reinforce several negative stereotypes associated with the JCF.

In a release Tuesday, the High Command said such representations are not consistent with the current transformational thrust towards building a professional organisation.

“The JCF has made significant investments to raise the standards of our people, quality and technology and, as such, such behaviour will not be tolerated.

In response to the incident, and in keeping with its commitment to maintaining professional conduct, the High Command said disciplinary actions have been taken against the members involved in the viral video.

“This measure is part of our broader effort to ensure that all personnel’s behaviour is consistent with the policies and ideals of the JCF,” the High Command said.

Pointing out that it is not an isolated incident, the High Command said there have been other instances where members, while in JCF uniform, have used their personal social media platforms to publish content that could potentially bring the organisation into disrepute.

The JCF High Command categorically stated that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

“All members of the JCF should be reminded that under the regulations of the Book of Rules, it is a breach of conduct to publish or cause to be published any form of communication while wearing the JCF uniform without the express permission of the Commissioner of Police, obtained through the head of the Corporate Communications Unit.

“The uniform of the JCF is a symbol of trust, responsibility, and public service, and it must be worn with the utmost respect and professionalism,” the High Command said.

This year, the JCF said it will undertake a widescale sensitisation programme focused on reminding members of their responsibilities for responsible social media use.

“While we acknowledge that our members are entitled to a degree of freedom of expression on their personal social media platforms, they must be reminded that, even in their private capacity, they can be identified as JCF members,” the High Command said. “As such, they must avoid any behaviour that may be deemed as unbecoming of a policeman or policewoman.”

The JCF High Command aid it remains committed to upholding the highest standards of conduct and service.

“We urge all members to reflect these standards in all aspects of their professional and public lives,” it added.