Dominican navy’s training vessel makes landmark visit to Jamaica Loop Jamaica

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In a remarkable and unprecedented event, the majestic Training Sailing Vessel of the Navy of the Dominican Republic, known as “ALM. JUAN BAUTISTA CAMBIASO,” made its historic arrival on the shores of Jamaica. Proudly hoisting the beautiful Dominican tri-colour flag for the first time on the island, this significant visit marks a turning point in bilateral relations between the two nations.

The vessel’s arrival not only represents the first-ever docking in Jamaica but also establishes a crucial precedent by utilizing diplomacy to strengthen friendship, and cooperation, and foster cultural and academic exchange between the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Aptly named the “Ambassador of the Seas of the World,” the vessel lives up to its title by forging international connections.

The Dominican Embassy in Kingston played host to an unforgettable spectacle as authorities, ambassadors, and distinguished personalities gathered to attend the diplomatic reception organized for this momentous occasion.

Among the attendees were Jamaican government ministers, high-ranking officials, the Chief of the Jamaican Defence Staff, accredited ambassadors and high commissioners representing various nations on the island, members from international organizations, prominent figures from academia and civil society, the Dominican community, press, and other esteemed guests.

In a heartfelt welcome speech, Ambassador Angie Mart?nez highlighted the historical significance of the vessel’s visit. She emphasized that this event marks a crucial moment in the history of bilateral relations between the two countries, characterized by strengthened friendship and cooperation.

Ambassador Mart?nez praised the power of collaboration, cooperation, and shared aspirations, underscoring the enduring friendship and unwavering commitment between the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

The event was graced by the presence of Jamaican Government Ministers and high-ranking officials, the Chief of the Jamaican Defence Staff, among others.

With evident emotion, Ambassador Angie Mart?nez expressed, “There are no words to describe the emotion and pride felt when seeing the Dominican training vessel sailing with our tri-colour flag outside our country. This vessel carries the hopes and dreams of a nation. We are not just witnessing the arrival of a ship, but also the birth of new opportunities, new friendships, and new horizons. May the arrival of this vessel be a catalyst for greater collaboration and deeper friendships.”

Admiral Sosa Castillo, Commander of the Dominican Navy, lauded the vessel’s role as a floating embassy of the Dominican Republic. He extended gratitude to Ambassador Mart?nez on behalf of the Navy, the crew, and the entire Dominican Republic for her unwavering commitment to the homeland and tireless efforts that led the ship to its Jamaican port. He also acknowledged the crucial support of President Luis Abinader and Minister of Defence, Lieutenant General D?az Morfa, in making this historic visit possible.

Senator Aubyn Hill, Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce of Jamaica, described the Dominican flag waving in the historic port as a beautiful symbol. He commended the presence of esteemed personalities at the event as “a testament to the momentum of bilateral relations and the influence of the Embassy, thanks to the masterful work of its ambassador.”

Hill added, “We are very fortunate to have an ambassador like Angie Mart?nez. She is absolutely fantastic. Wherever there is a problem, she always finds a way to solve it and bring results. Personally, I am very happy to work closely with her on such important issues for our countries as promoting trade and investment.”

The arrival of “ALM. JUAN BAUTISTA CAMBIASO” in Jamaica marks a historic moment that strengthens diplomatic ties, fosters cooperation and sets the stage for further collaboration between the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. The vessel’s role as the “Ambassador of the Seas of the World” embodies the spirit of friendship and partnership, opening doors for future opportunities and mutual growth.