Double take: Nickosha and Noella Arnold in Amarcord Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Swiss-Italian luxury menswear brand Amarcord cast SAINT International model twins Nickosha and Noella Arnold in a recently unveiled Spring/Summer 2024 campaign.

The siblings, domiciled in Europe — Noella in Switzerland and Nickosha in Norway — worked on the campaign two months ago in Puglia, Italy, and are ecstatic with the results of the Athos Abreu-lensed story.

‘We had an amazing time. Keren Torsello-Naldi, the creative director, did an amazing job organising everything. We were in Puglia for two days,’ recalled Noella.

‘On the second day, we had a 5:30 am call time to catch the sunrise on the beach, it was not easy to wake up. Nickosha and I had cold showers to kickstart the day and it was worth it. Everyone was professional and the energy on set was good.’

SAINT International model twins Noella (sitting) and Nickosha Arnold (in pool), photographed by Athos Abreu with model Francesco Allegra at Palazzo Garzia 51 in Italy for Amarcord’s new Spring/Summer 2024 collection campaign. (Photos: courtesy of SAINT International)

Her sister concurred with the assessment. ‘I liked that everyone was grown and mature, it was a very professional set with experienced people. The chemistry was good among all of us, from the photographers to the models. We had a good time and some amazing food. We had dinner at a seafood restaurant one night that was just unforgettable,’ Nickosha went on.

The Jamaican-born identical twins – who grew up in Irish Town, St Andrew — were chicly clothed in bespoke tailored suits, shirts and shorts by Amarcord’s sibling designers Keren and Samuel Naldi.

The designing pair described their new output as ‘inspired by the radiant allure of Italy with vibrant colours and airy fabrics, perfect for any occasion from sun-drenched mornings by the sea to balmy evenings.’

The stars aligned for Swiss resident Noella, who’s an honest-to-goodness fan of the 2016-founded brand.

‘I was familiar with the brand as their main location is in the city Zug where I live. I love that they understand who their clients are,’ explained the married model, a former public relations manager and mother of two young boys.

Meanwhile, Nickosha relished the brand’s timeless, simple aesthetic. ‘As I get older, I am more concerned with quality and comfort,’ high-quality Italian tailoring – features of the brand. She is an office manager for a tech company in Oslo, a mother of two and a wife.

The Arnold sisters’ modelling journey began in Jamaica in 2000 when they were scouted by SAINT International CEO Deiwght Peters.

At the time, both Nickosha and Noella were enrolled at the University of the West Indies, Mona.

During study breaks, they travelled extensively to London and New York for fashion shows and secured advertising campaigns for United Colors of Benetton and Virgin Mobile.

Twenty-plus years on and having traded lives in the Caribbean for Europe, the women have acclimated to their surroundings.

‘Norway is a good place to live: it’s safe, organised, and things work. I also enjoy moving between European countries [easily] and experiencing various cultures. The biggest plus is that Ella [Noella] is only a two-hour flight away in Switzerland,’ Nickosha noted.

On the flipside, Noella countered: ‘I currently live in central Switzerland and since becoming a mom I gave up my PR job to be present for my family. Maybe in a year or two when my little one starts primary school, I may consider getting back out there. I like being close to other countries. Switzerland is also unique. There are four official languages. And when you are in a specific language region, it is like you have left the country. So, the Italian-speaking area has a real Italian flair. And likewise, the French-speaking region,’ she explained.

Besides their new Amarcord campaign, the twins juggle part-time modelling assignments as they come their way.

Noella has done consistent e-commerce work for Globus, a Swiss luxury department store for the past year.

Nickosha walked in Oslo Fashion Week and together, they were subjects of a Vogue Scandinavia profile last year for the magazine’s October/November issue.

Modelling is trumped by what both deem their most important job: motherhood.

‘It is challenging and rewarding,’ admitted Nickosha of her parental journey to date.

‘My boys are now 7 and 5. I love that I have to challenge myself in order to spend time with them. For example, I have to learn to ski, ice skate, and cycle because these are activities the boys enjoy, and we get to do them together.’

Likewise, maternal joy is ever-present for Noella, who alongside her microbrewer hubby, has their hands full with their sons.

‘Being a mom is great. It’s challenging but worth it. My boys are aged 8 and 5. It’s incredible to watch how much of ourselves we pass on to our kids,’ she shared.

‘My boys are fluent English and patois speakers with a strong sense of their Jamaican identity, all because of me. And that is truly satisfying to see.