DR embassy hands over refurbished computer room to Clan Carthy Primary Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Clan Carthy Primary School recently received a much-needed refurbished computer room, thanks to the school adoption initiative of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Jamaica, known as the “Dom Rep School Adoption Programme”.

Her Excellency Angie Martínez, the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic, presented the donation in an emotional handover ceremony alongside the Minister of Education and Youth, Fayval Williams; the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Juliet Holness; Member of Parliament Julian Robinson; Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr Mortimer Mullings; and the school’s Principal Winsome Reid. 

This initiative, which was the brainchild of Ambassador Angie Martínez, saw the Diplomatic Mission adopting a public school in Jamaica and developing a yearlong academic curriculum, with its primary focus being the promotion of the Spanish language and the sharing the best of the Dominican culture: its people, customs, history, geography, national symbols, its music-merengue and bachata-, its national sport-baseball, the tasting of its gastronomy; as well as improving the school’s infrastructure.

The embassy, along with its sponsors and partners, ensured that the school had a computer room to help the students compete in this technologically advanced world.

“As we hand over these computers to the Clan Carthy Primary School, we do so with the firm belief that they will be used not just for learning but for creating, for dreaming. Because we believe in your dreams, your aspirations, and your ability to make a positive impact on the world,” said Ambassador Martínez. 

 She added: “These computers are a symbol of our commitment to your future and a testament to the enduring friendship between the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.”

During the selection process for the adopted school for the academic year 2022-2023, the ambassador discovered that she had to do something special for the school after hearing about the tragic death of the student Benjamin Bair on the school premises.

Ambassador Martínez emotionally recalled her initial connection with Clan Carthy, “I became even more attached to this institution when I learned about the tragedy that occurred here some years ago, resulting in the unfortunate passing of Benjamin Bair. It was overwhelming to learn of the circumstances surrounding his death. I knew we had to do something special for this school.” 

“Today marks the culmination of this incredible journey, and we dedicate this day to Benjamin.”

Ambassador Martínez further stated: “In response to the needs expressed by the authorities of this institution, we are here to deliver a resource that will open new horizons for every one of these students—a fully equipped computer room. This donation, valued at over $2 million, will include a room with 14 desktop computers, as well as 30 comfortable and colourful chairs, an air conditioning unit, and a multifunctional printer/scanner. Additional computers were provided for use in the staffroom and the library.”

In her remarks, Minister Williams commented: “These computers will enable students and teachers to explore new horizons and facilitate enriched educational experiences as well. These computers are not just tools but a symbol of the support and investment the ministry believes you deserve. Embrace this opportunity, explore the digital landscape with curiosity and let the knowledge gained guide you towards a future filled with endless possibilities.” 

Meanwhile, Robinson stated that the donation of computers to Clan Carthy Primary is well deserved, as the school has proved time and again to be one of excellence with a great focus on the success of its students and with an excellent school board and faculty.

Winsome Reid, the principal of Clan Carthy Primary, expressed her gratitude, on behalf of the school board, the staff, students and parents of the school, to Ambassador Angie Martínez and the members of the embassy for choosing their school as part of their adoption programme and thanked for the donation of the newly refurbished computer room. 

“It is indeed a welcome partnership that promises to bring a positive impact on our school community. It’s not just a technological upgrade for our school. I see it as a symbol of our shared commitment to fostering and enhancing teaching and learning so that our students can become digitally literate,” Reid said.