Dr Longmore travels the world to find her ‘piece’ of Rock Loop Jamaica

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Kadeem Rodgers

46 minutes ago

Travel In Threes Dr Saphire Longmore

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Dr Saphire Longmore’s favourite travel spot takes her back to her days of representing The Rock as Miss Jamaica Universe, 2000.

Recounting those memories brought Longmore to the moments she shared with her mother in Cyprus, in the Middle East, two years before her passing.

“I had done the entire pageant for her, and she passed away two years later…to have done that with her and for her was truly fulfilling.”

Entering the competition, was, for Longmore, a labour of love in honouring her mother Elaine’s wish to see her daughter become a Jamaican beauty queen.

Thereafter this accomplishment, the proud Clarendonian has travelled to several cities, representing Jamaica, and for leisure, ergo, a great representative for #traveltuesdays.

The “drama and impact of the material wealth” in the Vatican City in Italy, and several turns off of a random main road in Jamaica revealed to Longmore that “our own little piece of Rock is the greatest piece of Rock on this earth”.

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