Dr Simone Badal McCreath’s groundbreaking cancer research recognised Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Dr Simone Badal McCreath, a multifaceted anti-cancer researcher and Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, was celebrated with great acclaim at The University of the West Indies, Mona, by way of The UWI Mona/VM Group Distinguished Lecture Series for the creation of the first ever prostate and breast cancer cells lines that were derived from Black people.

Over a three-day period, Dr Badal McCreath’s exceptional achievements took centre stage, commencing with the launch of her captivating book, “No Cell Left Behind”, on Tuesday, March 19, followed by an insightful laboratory tour on Wednesday, March 20 and culminating with a distinguished lecture on Thursday, March 21.

The three-day event series provided an opportunity to showcase the facilities utilised by Dr Badal McCreath and offered insight into the technical aspects of her research.

During the launch of her seminal book,  “No Cell Left Behind: A Jamaican Scientist’s Breakthrough to the First Caribbean Cell Line, ACRJ-PC28”, Dr Badal McCreath’s students enthusiastically shared their experiences reading the publication.

“I haven’t been able to put the book down since I started reading it,” expressed graduate student Ms Chelsi James, underscoring the profound impact of Dr Badal McCreath’s work on her educational journey as a woman in medicine.

On the second day of the event, attendees had the opportunity to tour the laboratory facilities where Dr Badal McCreath and her team of student scientists demonstrated steps in cell culture as part of their research.

“I wanted to narrow my focus to two cancers that are of concern to Afro-Caribbean people – breast and prostate cancer.” This work is levelling the playing field for black people with cancer as for the first time there are cell models consisting of cell lines from Black people with prostate and breast cancers that scientists can now use to understand and create better treatments for this demographic.

Dr Simone Badal McCreath (right) presents VM Group President and CEO Courtney Campbell (left) with a copy of her book.

In concluding what was dubbed ‘The Simone Badal Week’ by Campus Registrar Dr Donovan Stanberry, The UWI Mona/VM Group Distinguished Lecture, also echoed the slogan “Leaving No Cell Behind,” underscoring the research process, the importance of Dr Badal McCreath’s findings at each stage of research, and its impact in advancing the study of prostate cancer.

Prof. Densil Williams, Principal of the UWI Mona, expressed his excitement about Dr Badal McCreath’s achievements, “I am delighted that this research was carried out by one of our own, utilising the facilities here at the UWI, Mona. It showcases the high calibre of talent and resources available at our institution.”

In commending the successful three-day event, Courtney Campbell, President and CEO of the VM Group, commented, “The VM Group is quite proud of this incredible partnership with The UWI, Mona campus. We believe strongly that this platform is potentially transformational and that the research conducted by Dr Badal McCreath and her team is groundbreaking. Though I am not a scientist, I can affirm that it is a big deal.”

Dr Badal McCreath’s groundbreaking achievement in cancer research underscores the dedication of The UWI, Mona in supporting its talented researchers as they make global strides through impactful discoveries in medicine and science. This breakthrough is a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in Caribbean research.