Drake Drops Jamaican Patois Song ‘Wah Gwan Delilah’ Left Fans Confused

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Drake released a cover of “Hey There Delilah,” and fans are cheesed!

Over the years, Drake has worked up quite the reputation for being one of the most prolific artists of this rap era, and he manages this by dropping hits after hits. As the summer rolls around and the Kendrick Lamar beef seems to have died down, fans were looking forward to getting back to the rapper’s Champagne Papi or even Certified Lover Boy character, but he has taken a different route, much to their dismay. 

While it is not at all surprising for Drizzy to hop on the track of an artist gaining traction (or in this case TikToker), he surprised everyone when he dropped a collaboration spin of “Hey There Delilah” with online Toronto sensation Snowd4y. The track titled “Wah Gwan Delilah” is replete with Toronto slang and riddled with autotune. The Canadian rapper is featured in minutes 1:07 to 1:43, where he delivers an 8-bar verse before passing the mic back to Snowd4y, who has three verses of his own and sings in the viral chorus.

“Wah gwan Delilah? Know I’m late ’cause there’s bare traffic / I just show my dog your ‘Gram – He said he knows a man that slapped it, I’m so cheesed,” Drake sings. “Your ‘mademoiselle’ nights are geeked, I’m bent lowkey. Wah gwan, Delilah? Double date me if you like me / Brought my cro’nem for your bestie. Sorry, he’s wearin’ a shiesty, he’s not beat / It’s just too smokey in these streets. You’re looking sweet.”

The niche track may garner some appeal in Toronto and some other provinces, considering it’s an ode to the culture and slang. Meanwhile, internet critics are quick to give Drake the fall off title, focusing on the fact that the rapper went from one of the biggest rap battles of this generation to this seemingly underwhelming ballad. “I cant f***ing believe drake did a hey there delilah remix barely a month after the Kendrick sh*t,” one user lamented. “Drake dropped that sh**ty song wah gwan Delilah with the Toronto accent,” another wrote. “We not beating the washed allegations.”

Some have turned to comedy to express their disappointment with one fan writing, “hold on that Drake song with the wah gwan Delilah is real?” attaching a clip of Brad Pitt bawling as he mustered up the courage to shoot someone. In another viral tweet, this fan questioned, “J Cole calling women grippy Drake unironically saying Wah Gwan Delilah. Was there really ever a Big 3?”

On the other side of the spectrum, some fans are actually loving the track, touting it as brilliant satire and appreciating it in the context of a parody. “*Whispers* I like the Drake Delilah tune, I think it’s hilarious,” wrote one fan. Another insisted that some fans just don’t get it, tweeting, “Wah Gwan Delilah is literally a Parody song, go back and look at the videos. You K. Bots are so pressed to try and make Drake fail, you don’t even recognize humor.”

The track was originally created by Canadian TikToker Snowd4y and was making the rounds online. However, as expected, the Drake feature has bumped its popularity up more than a few notches. Over on Instagram, Drake is standing on business, promoting the Soundcloud song on his Stories. “Wake up the city,” the rapper wrote, tagging Snowd4y with the laughing emoji.

What are your thoughts on Drake’s new collaboration? Did he do it for the culture?

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