Drake Has No Friends and No Allies In Rap, Says DJ Akademiks

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Is Drake standing on a hill by himself in rap? According to DJ Akademiks, the Canadian rapper currently has no friends in rap and no allies defending him, including those with whom he frequently collaborates.

Drake has been under a lot of stress lately, with numerous attempts to break into his Toronto property foiled by his security detail in the aftermath of his highly publicized beef with Kendrick Lamar. Additionally, he has been getting criticism from hip-hop pundits like Joe Budden and has even been drawn into other beef with rappers like Rick Ross and his collaborator Future.

DJ Akademiks has become the “Drake whisperer” since he tends to know and speak on all things related to Drake. But recently, his comments bordered on criticizing the Toronto rapper with whom he developed a friendship.

“He got no friends, no allies, no one to really stand up for him,” Akademiks said on his stream. “All the popular rappers are going against him. I found out Drake has a opp that none of us know that is a huge rapper that we all think is his friend. I found that out like two days ago I won’t even drop the name.”

Akademiks further shared that the rapper and Drake have big records together. When fans started questioning the rapper’s identity, he assured them that it was not 21 Savage, with whom Drizzy just completed a joint album and tour. Some folks are now pointing fingers towards Travis Scott, who recently urged Future and Metro Boomin to play their song “Like That” featuring Kendrick Lamar at one of their concerts.

The move was particularly surprising to everyone since Travis Scott and Drake has some big songs together, including “Sicko Mode.” The track “Like That” forms the catalyst of the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef after K.Dot went nuclear on Drizzy and J. Cole, who formed part of the so-called Big 3 in rap.

Nevertheless, Akademiks did not share the name of the rapper who is a collaborator of Drizzy but quietly doesn’t like him.

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