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But slapped with $381,000 fine

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An elderly St Elizabeth man is continuing to count his ‘lucky stars’, this after he was spared a custodial sentence following his admission to ganja-related charges that involved 183 pounds of the drugs being found at his premises last year.

Instead, Wilbert Hutchinson, the 75-year-old convict, was ordered to pay a relatively hefty fine for breaching the Dangerous Drugs Act.

He pleaded guilty to possession of and dealing in ganja when he appeared in the St Elizabeth Parish Court in September of 2023.

At his sentencing hearing last week, Hutchinson was fined a total of $381,000. If the fine is not paid, the alternative of three months in prison will have to be served by the man.

In sentencing, Senior Parish Judge Broderick Smith took into account the senior citizen’s age and positive elements of his (Hutchinson’s) social enquiry report in an arriving at a decision not to send him to prison.

Reports were that Hutchinson was arrested following an anti-narcotics operation in the parish on August 11, 2023.

During a search of a premises that was occupied by the elderly man, ganja weighing approximately 183 pounds was found.

Hutchinson was later charged.

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