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The island has witnessed a recent spate of attacks on the elderly, which raised speculation that this group may once again be in the crosshairs of criminals, as they are believed to be easy targets.

The attacks have come against persons above the age of 60 years old.

The latest victim is Winston McLean, a 72-year-old farmer of Nain, St Elizabeth.

Residents discovered McLean’s decomposing body at his house on Friday, March 18 after he had not been seen for a few days.

The residents became concerned and went to McLean’s house at night after detecting a foul odour.

Several spent shells were reportedly found at the location.

In February, three teenagers were arrested after a 62-year-old fisherman Delroy Walters was killed after a break-in at his home in Galleon district in St Elizabeth.

Also in February, 63-year-old housewife Madeline Sullivan, of Buxton Town in Wakefield, St Catherine, was chopped to death by persons unknown during an attack that also injured her spouse.

And another man, 76-year-old Teddy Clarke, was shot dead in Top Greenvale in Manchester. Clarke, otherwise called ‘Puss Neck’, was killed at about 6:00 pm on February 17.

Clarke and another man were at a bar in the community when gunmen came up and opened fire. The other man was injured.

Statistics provided by the Jamaica Constabulary Force last year showed that there were 26 fatal attacks on persons over 65 years old, between January and September.

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