Electric vehicle market gets a boost with Flash Motors-JAA partnership Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Flash Motors Company, a provider of electric vehicles (EVs), has recently announced a strategic partnership with the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA). This collaboration aims to revolutionise the Jamaican electric vehicle market by offering a range of products and knowledge training to the JAA, ultimately benefiting EV drivers and enhancing the overall EV ecosystem in the country.

As part of this partnership, Flash Motors will supply the JAA with an all-electric motorcycle for rapid response services and other support services offered to JAA members.

The deployment of the electric motorcycle will ensure that local electric vehicle drivers have access to comprehensive vehicle assistance and management programmes, providing them with a seamless ownership experience.

With the combined expertise of Flash Motors and the JAA, consumers can have confidence in their decision to embrace electric mobility in Jamaica. The partnership will focus on offering a wide range of services, including EV fleet operations, charging infrastructure, and fleet management software, Flash Motors said.

Flash Motors will equip the JAA with EVs for their fleet operations and install various charging infrastructures, including private, public, and mobile stations. The collaboration will also involve providing charging accessories and fleet management software to streamline operations. Moreover, Flash Motors will conduct training sessions for JAA staff to enhance their knowledge and skills in electric mobility.

To further promote electric mobility in Jamaica, the partnership will extend complimentary JAA memberships to Flash Motors customers as part of an ongoing promotion. This incentive aims to encourage more individuals to make the switch to electric vehicles.

Additionally, both organisations will engage in public education campaigns to raise awareness about the benefits of EV technology and its positive impact on the environment.

Xavier Gordon, CEO of Flash Motors, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Our partnership with the JAA speaks to Flash’s mission statement of making electric mobility the norm on Jamaican roads. With the partnership, we aim to enhance the EV ecosystem in Jamaica and make electric mobility accessible to all. Together, we will help electrify Jamaica’s roads and pave the way for a more sustainable future.”

Owen Smith, the General Manager of the JAA, shared his excitement about the collaboration, highlighting the association’s commitment to supporting the growth of the EV industry. Smith emphasised the importance of enhancing the technical capabilities of their technicians through specialised training. He stated, “By investing in our technicians’ skills, we will enhance our capacity to respond to the evolving needs of the diverse mobility sector.”

The partnership between Flash Motors and the JAA represents a significant step towards establishing a thriving electric vehicle market in Jamaica. With the supply of EVs, charging infrastructure, and specialised training, the collaboration aims to provide an excellent experience for Jamaican EV owners and contribute to a more sustainable future.