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Why recording artiste Zzambo changed his name

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Recording artiste Zzambo, formerly known as Tafari, says his name change represents a true metamorphosis, with a re-focusing on his music and his fans, while entering a new chapter of his career.

“Too many artistes bear the same name, and every Rastafarian has a child by the name Tafari. As an artiste you need a unique presence for branding,” said Zzambo.

Asked whether the name change will affect his fan base, Zzambo said: “As long as the content is up to par and feels good, they will be receptive. Many times, there has been confusion with the previous brand.”

In a move to get his new brand saturated, the artiste has re-released his 2016 single “Puts it Down” under the new name. The change also affects his entire catalogue in all online music stores.

The February 25 re-release of “Puts it Down”, which was produced by Brett ‘Beats’ Bailey and released on the RUD3 Music label, was accompanied by a new video. The song also features his brother, singer Isat Buchanan, who is also an attorney-at-law.

Born Zambo Tafari Buchanan in Kingston, Zzambo’s father is veteran old school deejay Big Youth. He has been creating a unique fusion of reggae, hip-hop, R&B, and pop since the early 2000s.

Zzambo scored success with “Life is Not an Easy Road” and “Money in My Pocket”. Zzambo would later release three studio albums, namely “Rud3 Love” and “Desire Fulfilled” — both of which hit the Billboard Reggae Albums chart — and “My Soul Loveth”.

Zzambo is currently working on a new album with producer Noah Mason.

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