EZY Advertising pioneers AI integration with training studio Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Introducing artificial intelligence (AI) into your business to capitalize on its potential is as straightforward as participating in a brief training session with a consultant who can guide you in optimizing the technology, asserts Janal McLean, owner of EZY Advertising Management Limited.

McLean has augmented her advertising and digital marketing company’s offerings by incorporating a studio to facilitate training sessions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) aiming to elevate their businesses using AI. Her entrepreneurial journey commenced in 2016 with Ezy Admin, later rebranded as EZY Advertising Management.

“The studio gives creatives a space whether for multimedia [projects] or podcasts.  The difference is that clients also have access to skillset and consultation. So rather than just creating their content, they can get advice on where to position it and some best practices to enhance what they are doing as part of their content strategy,” she told Loop News.

Investing over $2 million to establish the studio, McLean contributed $1 million from personal funds, with the remainder secured through a grant from the HEART NSTA/Trust. Her agency is actively engaged in a “digital transformational journey,” recognising the impact of AI on small businesses.

“I am building out more training to show persons how to incorporate AI as part of their marketing strategy. We’re working on this going into the new year,” she said.

The new addition targets “decision makers” such as marketing managers and teams inside companies “who are still practising marketing in the old ways,” she said.

 The story of EZY Advertising is one of constantly evolving and adding services to meet the needs of its clients and remain relevant with Mclean’s sojourn into entrepreneurship built on her tech-savviness and digital marketing prowess.

These talents have also earned her the Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA’s) title of Entrepreneur of the Year, which was announced at the Association’s annual YEA Expo and Success Summit (YESS).

The YEA has lauded Mclean for her innovative approach to digital marketing.

EZY is now scouting an operations manager to handle its operations, McLean said noting her plans to embark on further training herself in her quest for further business growth.