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I did not believe that online school would last so long when it started.

I was excited about getting a new tablet and looked forward to having fun. As time went by, I grew tired of being at home and wanted to interact with my friends and teachers.

After a while, I felt like online school was a waste of my time. When I am online, I stay at home, or at my parents’ office. In these offices there are distractions. This includes noisy children and loud video games.

The constant chatter and traffic in these offices meant less attention to my school work. This has had a significant impact on my grades.

In online school, there is an increased chance of me cheating. When I take tests and examinations online, my teachers cannot monitor me and this gives me the opportunity to use my textbooks and get assistance from adults who are around.

There is nothing in place to stop me from using Google to find my answers. It is difficult to know how much I have learned in online school.

My experiences with online school include distractions. Face-to-face school is the best.

There are many reasons why I prefer face-to-face school. With face-to-face school, I have physical interactions with friends. I get to play outside, which is good for my health. Additionally, I get to experience subjects like physical education and dance.

Face-to-face classes allow me greater interaction with my teachers and help me focus and improve my grades. Face-to-face is best for me. It makes me happy and when I am happy, I learn best.

By Addison Thomas

Grade 4 student at Mona Preparatory School