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Colin Gager (file photo)

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Falmouth Mayor, Colin Gager, is optimistic that the traffic congestion being faced by motorists in the seaport town will be significantly eased very soon.

The mayor’s confidence hinges on the Falmouth Transportation Centre, which is in the final stages of renovation.

In a recent interview, he said public transportation operators in the Trelawny capital will be required to operate from the facility upon the completion of the project.

Currently, public transportation operators largely park at a number of designated areas in the town.

“The transportation centre is one that is needed in Falmouth. The facility is where we believe we can solve a lot of the problems that are in the town, because one of the main reasons is that parking within the town becomes chaotic. If we can get all of the taxis and buses off the road, using the park, a big percentage of the problems will be solved,” Gager told Loop News.

He added that “this transportation centre is one that we have been working on for quite some time. It is about 90 per cent complete.”

He said the finishing touches are now being applied to the facility.

He is inviting small business operators to set up shops from which to conduct business on the grounds of the facility.

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