Family escapes injury after trailer slams into Westmoreland house Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

A barber and his eight-year-old nephew escaped serious injuries after a trailer truck driver lost control of the unit, which subsequently slammed into their home in Farm, Westmoreland on Thursday morning.

A section of the house was completely damaged by the impact, while a church on the same property was also damaged, but not as severely.

Reports are that the trailer truck was being driven along the roadway on route to Whitehouse, when the driver lost control of the vehicle and it sped down a path before ploughing into the barber’s house.

The back of the trailer slammed into the Saviour Church of God Ministries on the same property.

The driver of the trailer sustained minor injuries, for which he was treated at hospital.

In a video obtained by Loop News, curious residents were on the scene and the seeming shock of the near tragic incident led many of them to use expletives in assessing the damaged house.

“Wicked, terrible, terrible ting,” said one resident in describing the scene.

From the video, the front of the trailer appeared to have lodged into a room where numerous household items were seen among the rubble.

It is understood that the barber lost several pieces of furniture and appliances.

The Westmoreland police are probing the development.