Fifth alleged ‘Clans’ gang member freed in Home Circuit Court | Loop Jamaica

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A man accused of selling and repairing guns for the One Don faction of the Clansman gang was on Tuesday acquitted of being part of a criminal organisation.

Dwayne Salmon, alias ‘Chemist’ is the fifth accused gangster freed during the ongoing trial in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston.

A former gangster-turned-state-witness had testified that Salmon was involved in the sale of illegal firearms to the gangsters.

The witness also claimed that the man repaired the weapons for the alleged gang members.

But Salmon’s attorney, Kemar Robinson, told Chief Justice Brian Sykes that there was no evidence tying his client to the criminal organisation.

The judge agreed with that submission, by pointing out that the evidence presented by prosecutors suggested that Salmon could possibly be an independent supplier of arms to the criminal network.

Further, Sykes said the evidence presented has not established that Salmon was loyal to the gang, or was part of the commissioning of any crime involving the One Don outfit.

In response to the judge’s remarks, prosecutors attempted to amend the indictment under which Salmon was charged. The new charge would see Salmon being accused of knowingly providing a benefit to a criminal organisation.

However, Sykes disclosed that any amendments at that stage would result in a severe injustice to the former defendant.

Salmon’s acquittal means that 28 defendants now remain on trial.

Last Thursday, four of the original 33 alleged gangsters were freed of charges of being part of a criminal organisation, among other things.

They are Damaine Elleston, Rushane Williams, Owen Ormsby and Rivaldo Hylton.

The four men were freed after prosecutors conceded that they had insufficient evidence to prove that those accused had committed the crimes for which they were charged.

Since last week, defence attorneys have been making their no-case submissions geared towards freeing their respective clients of a raft of criminal charges, including murder, conspiracy to commit murder and arson.

The alleged leader of the One Don faction of the Clansman gang, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, is among those still on trial.