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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News

Just over a month ago, a new wellness studio popped up in the heart of Kingston, that has since forged a community of love and light.

Now, when you think of a wellness studio, most anticipate accessibility and serenity. The SoL, Studio of Light family found the perfect oasis at 9-11 Phoenix Avenue.

SoL is operated by the effervescent green-haired entrepreneur Shalane Lee-Chin, who had the idea to share the joy of yoga with others since her first session in 2015.

Loop Lifestyle walked in on an Iyengar Yogasession withmusician/yogi Kai Wakeling, where we met Lee-Chin – albeit barefooted, it’s the zen thing to do – for an easy convo, inspired by love and light.

SoL is not a product of COVID, but the idea for a yoga studio was re-invigorated once Lee-Chin realised how much yoga improved her leadership skills as the CEO of Newtown Bakery.

Lee-Chin also intends to help others who may be experiencing heightened stress symptoms, brought on by COVID.

‘I wanted to gift yoga. I started out on a yoga-teacher training that made me feel so close to God, learning the philosophies of yoga…that was the push that made me think I have to share this with the world’.

On the topic of ‘SoL’, ‘I wanted a name that transmits light… I wanted to share light and love.’ Lee-Chin had her aha moment, and SoL came to mind.

A month later and Studio of Light (SOL) now offers a space for life transformation through optimal wellness, and clients embracing and respecting the body, mind and spirit.

The studio fits five clients but can accommodate up to 12 persons at a time.

SOL’s city sanctuary offers an integrative approach that merges traditional wisdom with innovative healing modalities via sacred arts practises, like yoga, energy healing, mindfulness, sound therapy, meditative movement and core-conditioning training.

SoL leaves no stone unturned, thereby providing services for children over five and private sessions with a number of experienced healers.

The quaint studio is equipped with two rooms, one for private sessions and another for daily scheduled sessions.

Studio manager and private trainer Edino Steele

On a typical day, studio manager/private trainer Edino Steele greets patrons on entry with a shot of detox tea or infused water, and a breakdown of the day’s activities.

Daily sessions include massage therapy, Yin Yoga, Ancient Egyptian Kemetic Yoga, Ancient Japenese Belly Dance, Iyengar and Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra Soundscape, PhysioFlowTMand Heels Dancing, in addition toReiki massage sessions.

They also provide group sessions, private healing, vegan fare, and a community of love and light in a transformational space guided by spiritual healing, and connecting with and inspiring others.

SoL takes kids, ages five and up for a SoL Mini Tribe group, and all adults looking for a ‘SoL’ connection.

Prices range from JM$1,500 to JM$2,500 for an hour to two-hour sessions, though the SoL family aren’t sticklers for payment.

‘Yoga is so undervalued and it’s a donation-based [practise], so we wanted to create a business where it’s receptive for both parties’; ergo, donations are also accepted.

The SoL team has also partnered with local providers like Blends by Lemongrass Ja, Sip in Live, Therapy juices, and Sacred Therapy that provides healthy food alternatives.

Plus, all November long, SOL is offering a 20% discount on all plans for the month of November for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

They’ve just released a YouTube page, and have several new projects in the pipeline that include themed months and curated experiences for members of the tribe.

Stay tuned for a convo with musician/yogi Kai Wakeling, who’s been practising yoga for over 15 years.