Fire scare in a section of Riverton; incident triggered panic among Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Residents living in and around Riverton landfill, St Andrew are breathing a sigh of relief after a fire broke out at the home of a resident in the area.

Reports are that the resident was trying to burn an old refrigerator when the fire almost got out of control.

The incident triggered fear and panic in the area after citizens had to spend several minutes battling the blaze using buckets of water to bring the fast-spreading fire under control.

Riverton landfill has been an area affected by several massive fires in the past causing discomfort to hundreds in and around the corporate area.

Last August Government announced that it was moving ahead with plans to close the Riverton site in St Andrew as well as other waste disposal areas across the island in a major overhaul of how the country’s solid waste is managed.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness made the announcement of the pending decommissioning during a special joint sitting of the Senate and House of Representatives to mark Jamaica’s 60th anniversary of Independence.

The development has also triggered renewed calls for citizens to exercise caution during to prevent fires from fire officials.