From Australia & Jamaica, Boorook, Phabian, I-Bar push for No More War Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

From an intriguing combination of artistic talents, a trio comprised of foundation Australian musician and two fast-rising Jamaican performers, is hitting the world stage in a militant mood musically with a global anthem in the making in their call for ‘No More War’ on the world stage.

Describing himself as being first and foremost, a conscious artiste, Boorook from the coastal city of Warrnambool in Australia, with numerous powerful recordings under his belt, said he latched onto the Jamaicans through mutual recognition of the positive messaging and overall impact of their music.

The result is the powerhouse ‘No More War’, sensationally hitting the world at a time of increasing  bloodshed from cross-border wars on the world stage, with no sign of any abatement on the horizon.

Speaking from his base where the recording came out of his home studio after material criss-crossed the globe to the Caribbean and back for the addition of the Jamaican flavour, Boorook, born Brett Clarke, cited his lifelong journey through music, which he described as “the universal language to bring people together”.

As an indigenous descendant of the Gunditjmara people in Australia, he proudly hangs on to his roots.

The long-time cultural advocate who is heavily into highlighting the historical struggles of the Australian Aborigines who, like most of the Caribbean people, have long had to grapple with the realities of colonialisation, said he and Phabian, born Fabian Robinson, became friends musically on Instagram, and it was almost inevitable that a collaboration would emerge.

Of the makings of ‘No More War’, Boorook said: “I had some of the lyrics for it, and also the hook for the song, which I sent to Phabian, and later we hooked up with I-Bar (real name Remor Ibar) and combined to give to the world something that has relevance to all people these days, something to seriously reflect on.

“They (the Jamaicans) worked on their parts with DJ Neil from Cash Flow Recording Studio in Kingston, and sent back the file, which I mixed and mastered in my home studio and we presented an important song that will resonate among all people and help to heal the chaotic world of today,” added Boorook.

“The song is so relevant in this crazy time in which we are living,” he elaborated.

In reflecting on the inputs of his co-collaborators, Boorook said: “I created the melody and the rhythm, with Phabian leading the way in pulling things together, and with I-Bar, adding the powerful and beautiful Jamaican styles to it, making it definitely hit-bound!”

The single, which is being promoted by Groover out of Paris, France, was recently released and is already on many playlists internationally, including in Australia and Jamaica.

Boorook cited the intrigue of an Australian being in conscious combination with two persons from the Caribbean’s heartbeat, Jamaica, almost on the other side of the globe, on the powerful single. He said that shows the real power and potency of good music, which has no national or regional boundaries, but is intended for keen individual reflection along life’s journey.