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James Demille

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The mother of the teenager from Dugard, Micoud, St Lucia, who was shot in Vieux-Fort in that country last week Sunday says she was not surprised by the incident, having warned him to avoid the area.

James ‘Peanut’ Demille, 18, was shot multiple times about his body at Westall Group, Vieux-Fort on January 7, 2024.

He is currently hospitalised.

According to his mother, Beverly Jn Pierre, her son grew up attending the Baptist Church and living a decent life.

“From a church boy to a bad boy,” she said.

Jn Pierre said she had last spoken to her son the Friday before the incident, two days before he left for Vieux-Fort, where she urged him not to go.

She said he replied by saying that Dugard was too slow for him, and that Vieux-Fort is faster.

“His head is hard, he did not listen to me,” she added.

According to Jn Pierre, she was not too interested in seeing him at the hospital but was told by the doctor that he wanted to see her, so she went.

She said when he saw her, he was happy but showed no intention to change his lifestyle.

“Mama, mama…,” she recalled him saying with his eyes fixed on her when she entered the ward.

She said he sustained five gunshot wounds.

According to Jn Pierre, her son was employed with a family member but left the job. He also had a farm planting crops, which he abandoned.

She said she did not know he had friends in Vieux-Fort and that he used to lime mainly in Dugard.

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