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Delvetta Williams spent the afternoon on December 2 celebrating 30 years of retirement from National Commercial Bank (NCB) Jamaica Limited.

She, along with over 300 other pensioners, enjoyed the afternoon catching up for the annual luncheon at the Jamaica Pegasus. The gathering of pensioners was the latest staging of an over 30-year tradition by the bank.

Williams was joined at her table by friends Artens Pitter and Maureen Bartley, who have been retired for 29 years and 28 years respectively.

Pitter, on the cusp of her 30th anniversary, shared that the afternoon was a much-needed outing.

“It was fantastic! I really enjoyed it and so did many of the pensioners. I have been sticking close to home since COVID, going to church and in the last three months going to quite a few funerals,” she said, sadly.

Vice President of the Group Human Resources Division, Dr Hopelin Hines (centre) greets pensioners Anthony Harbajan (left) and Joyce Roberts at NCB’s annual Pensioners’ Luncheon.

The retiree — who spends most of her time baking, gardening, teaching Sunday School, and being a devoted mother and grandmother — reminisced on her 29-year career with the bank.

Pitter started working at the Barclays Bank D.C. as the Old Harbour branch manager’s secretary in December 1964.

“It created quite a stir in Old Harbour for a dark-skinned girl to get that job,” Pitter explained. “[From there,] I moved up the ranks in the bank… from manager’s secretary to operations manager at the same Old Harbour branch.”

After being at Old Harbour for 20 years, Pitter also did stints at NCB’s Half-Way-Tree, Spanish Town, Linstead and Head Office locations.

NCB Pensioners Ermin McLean (left) and Dorothy Pearce strike graceful poses.

Before the luncheon proceedings, the pensioners took the chance to hug, chat and take snapshot memories with their past work colleagues.

“As an organisation, we take pride that we have this medium for our pensioners to rekindle old friendships and spark new ones. For over three decades, the annual Pensioners’ Luncheon has been our cherished tradition allowing them the sacred occasion for us to reminisce, catch up, and share the tales of our year,” said Dr Hopelin Hines, Vice President of Group Human Resources Division at NCB.

“This activity is important to us as it shows the organisation’s commitment to its present and past employees. We recognise their contributions to the development and success of our business and will continue to use this event to honour them,” Dr Hines continued.

NCB pensioners retain many benefits and access upon retirement including Gold Club access; waived bank charges on specific accounts; access to the Wellness & Recreation Centre and holiday houses, as well as credit cards and loan facilities with employee interest rates.

The afternoon was also an occasion to guide the new cohort of pensioners to access several other national services including National Insurance Scheme and National Health Fund.