Fury over decision to honour Machel Montano on Ja’s Independence Day Loop Jamaica

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The decision to honour Trinidadian soca star Machel Montano with a Key to the City of Kingston has been met with scepticism by some social media users who have expressed concern that an entertainer from another country was recognised during Jamaica’s Independence celebrations.

Montano received the Key at Sunday’s Independence Day Grand Gala as Jamaica celebrated 61 years of Independence at the National Stadium in the country’s capital city.

Members of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) on Friday gave full approval to the request from Culture, Entertainment, Sports and Gender Minister Olivia Grange that Montano be honoured with the Key to the City of Kingston.

The Key to the City of Kingston that was given to Machel Montano on Sunday.

A section of the resolution passed by the council said Montano should be conferred with the key “in recognition of his sterling, awesome and iconic career in music, which has positively influenced many adoring fans across the Caribbean and the world, including many Jamaicans who continue to enjoy his enduring legacy.”

However, after witnessing Montano collect the key at Grand Gala, some Jamaicans have been left fuming.

“I love Machel, but I can’t understand why anything would be bestowed to a foreign national while we are celebrating our nation’s anniversary,” one Twitter user said.

“Was there no Jamaican that could have been awarded? Did no one in Gov(ernment) think this was poorly timed?” he asked.

Another social media user questioned: “Wondering why we use our nation’s Independence Day to celebrate an artiste from Trinidad? No disrespect to Machel, but why does he even need to get the keys also? Make(s) no sense.”

Another individual commented: “Out of all the days to honour a foreigner, we choose to do it on Independence Day, and no one even tried to assess the situation and recognise that it wasn’t a good idea.”Some persons disagreed with the criticisms of the decision to honour Montano at the Gand Gala.

“Y’all don’t complain when Usain (Bolt) or other people get the key to the city in Florida…,” one Twitter user pointed out.

“Another thing is to read. Machel has contributed a lot in Jamaica, especially the cultural aspects,” the user suggested, adding, “Y’all preach about it then are so against regional integration.”

Shared another: “For the ppl (people) who vex ’bout it, (they) really nuh know ntn (nothing) ’bout them music history enuh.”

The debate raged on Instagram as well.

A woman asked: “On Independence Day, really? No Jamaican to give to?”

Firebrand Councillor for the Papine Division in St Andrew, Venesha Phillips, responded by urging the Instagrammer to contact the KSAMC and gain the answers to her questions.

“How many Jamaicans have been given? It is quite simple: make a call to KSAMC, ask questions about the process and how resolutions are treated,” Phillips wrote.

“It’s always a good thing to have full knowledge,” added the now independent councillor, who the People’s National Party (PNP) had declared earlier this year is no longer a member of the party.

Still, some Instagram users had a difficulty with the award being given to a Trinidadian on Jamaica’s Independence Day.

“I have no difficulties with Machel (Montano) being given the key to Kingston, but not on our Independence Day. Choose some other day, please,” a man suggested.

“Pon we independence government a give key to another national! I find that disrespectful as a Jamaican, because Trinidad would never…,” a woman claimed.