G2K slams PNP’s Burchell comments about injured Health Minister Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Disgraceful and vulgar!

That’s how Generation 2000 (G2K) is describing comments made by the People’s National Party’s (PNP), Nekeisha Burchell who claimed on Sunday that the Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton, was given preferential treatment at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI).

G2K is the young professional affiliate of the governing Jamaica Labour Party.

Tufton was hospitalised after being knocked from his bicycle on Charlton Avenue by a vehicle driven by popular entertainer Valiant. While the media reported initially on Sunday that he had suffered a broken wrist, it has since emerged that his injuries were much more serious, the minister suffered several fractures. He was admitted to the UHWI where he underwent surgery.

Burchell, who is the PNP representative for St James Southern and a deputy general secretary, suggested that Tufton did not wait his turn to be treated as he got a hospital bed immediately.

“Unuh realise seh the Minister of Health fell off a bicycle and broke his wrist and two twos him deh inna comfortable bed a hospital,” Burchell said while addressing PNP supporters at the party’s Knockpatrick divisional conference at May Day High School on Sunday.

“How many of you have relatives who have had to sit on hospital chair for days with serious conditions?” she added.

Continuing, Burchell said “The health minister bypass the chair. Them carry him go lay down inna hospital bed and people still sit down out a door pon chair a dead”.

In a statement on Monday, G2K ripped into Burchell while detailing that Tufton had also suffered a broken leg, a hairline fracture to his nose and a wound to his forehead.

Describing her comments as both “false” and “vulgar”, G2K President Shayne Kerr urged the PNP to desist from using Tufton’s injuries to score political points.

“It is really unbecoming, disgraceful and vulgar of Miss Burchell to attempt to exploit Minister Tufton’s injuries for political mileage,” Kerr stated.

He pointed out that at least three high-profile members of the PNP have interacted with the healthcare system recently. “And they were treated fairly and with decency by the Jamaica Labour Party, because we are of the view that a human being’s health situation should not be exploited for political gain. We believe in decency,” Kerr said.

G2K said Tufton was assessed based on the triage system used to assess all patients and he was treated accordingly. It highlighted that the minister’s surgery was also delayed for several hours because other patients were given priority.

The G2K president said the Government has demonstrated its sensitivity to the need for more beds across the healthcare system and has made investments to expand, rehabilitate and build new facilities to achieve this objective.