Game bird hunting season in Jamaica opens Saturday Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The 2022 game bird hunting season opens on Saturday, August 20 and closes on September 25, the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) has announced.

The season is declared under the Wild Life Protection (Game Birds) (Declaration of Shooting Season) Order, 2022, it said in a news release Tuesday.

The season’s hunting sessions are from sunrise to 9am and 2:30pm to sunset on Saturdays, and from sunrise to 9am on Sundays.

According to the release, only the following game birds are to be hunted during the season:

Zenaida Dove/Pea DoveWhite-winged DoveWhite-crowned Pigeon/Baldpate Mourning Dove/Long-tailed Pea Dove

“The overall bag limit per hunting session is 20 birds. No more than 15 shall be White-crowned Pigeons.

“Hunting within game reserves/sanctuaries, forest reserves, the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, and within 50 metres of the respective boundaries is prohibited,” NEPA said.

NEPA said, too, that anyone who wishes to take part in the 2022 Game Bird Hunting Season must obtain a hunters’ licence.

A hunters’ licence may be obtained from NEPA’s head office at 10 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5, its office in Port Antonio or any of the authorised vendors strategically located across Jamaica. A licence costs $25,000.

All applicants must possess a valid firearm licence/user’s permit for a shotgun and a Tax Registration Number to be eligible for purchasing a licence.

NEPA also said that hunters who failed to submit hunting reports over the past five years or who failed to pay the subsequent late processing fee of $5,000 will be required to pay the late processing fee before a Hunter’s Licence for the 2022 Hunting Season is granted.