Gang-related murders down to 60 per cent from 80% – DCP Bailey Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The police are reporting that gang-related murders have declined to over 60 per cent in Jamaica, due to various anti-gang activities which they have been employing.

This is in contrast to when 80 per cent of murders were attributed to gang violence in 2018, according to Deputy Commissioner in charge of the crime and security portfolio, Fitz Bailey.

He was speaking at a handover ceremony for an advanced counter-gang course curriculum on Wednesday.

Fitz Bailey (file photo)

“I can report that, currently, gang-related murders are now in the low 60 per cent. I believe that is because of our effective strategies that we have employed in our counter-gang activities, especially our investigative efforts,” Bailey stated.

The senior lawman noted that law enforcement cannot combat gangs in isolation, as “building trust and cooperation among the police and the community are very essential”.

Bailey said he is hopeful that the officers who will embark on the training course will “learn how to engage effectively with community leaders, foster positive relationships, and gain the public support in our shared mission to eliminate gang influence.”